Fun Facts About Hog Hunting

Hog hunting is a fun sport that many people participate in for an abundance of reasons. If you’re interested in hog hunting Alabama, the fun facts are sure to excite you. These are just a handful of many fun, interesting hog hunting facts that will help take your hobby to the next level.

·    Hog hunting adventures are available throughout the entire state

·    Hernando de Soto is to thank for the introduction of wild hogs. He introduced them to America in 1539. The wild hogs were released in Florida.

·    Both the female and the male wild hog have tusks with sharp edges and overlapping upper and lower tusks. The wild hogs teeth sharpen the tusks.

hog hunting Alabama

·    The tusk of the wild hog is used as a weapon.

·    Since a pig does not sweat, it is incapable of handling hot weather and sunshine. They seek cool, moist areas to thrive since such areas help regulate normal body temperatures. Wild hogs enjoy making home in muddy swamps and creeks.

·    Most wild hogs travel in family groups.

·    The boar is a difficult catch for even the most experienced of hunter. Those who bag a large boar feel really rewarded when the hunt is over since there’s plenty to brag about after such a capture.

·    An abundance of wild hogs exist in Alabama, but there also found in 18 other states, including Kentucky, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Arkansas, Virginia, West Virginia, Arizona, South Carolina, California, New Mexico, Hawaii, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

·    A wild hog is large at a top weight of about 250-pounds. The hog can gain as much as 100 pounds in a single year.

Now that you’re equipped with these fun facts, it is time to schedule a wild hog adventure of your own. Gather all your hunting buddies and prepare for an unforgettable adventure when wild hogs are involved. This is fun waiting for you!